Culture / Tradition

Huttlerlaufen or Mullerlaufen – historic carnival traditions in the so-called Martha-villages. These villages can be found lying in a row along the “Villages Road”, and are an old cultural region. Large carnival processions are held alternately in the various locations.

Alongside the historic and colourful carnival activities, only religious practices have been able to keep up. Rum has also made a name for itself as a village with a long Christmas crib tradition. Some very admirable Christmas cribs can be found her.

Rum Muller procession :
Winter has once again held its march into the country,
and Christmas and Christmas crib time slowly soands with “Three Kings”.
After the peace and quiet of the elapsed Advent and Christmas weeks,
a newer, wilder ghost is exciting our tradition-aware village:

The Muller go a haunting!
Every old-established Rumer waits with joy for the whip crackers to get the Muller time underway. And so, soon after “Three Kings”, it begins for the wild figures who, in their traditional costumes and masks, parade through the village as Melcher, Halbweiße, Zaggeler and Zottler.

These most infamous figures of the village carnival tradition symbolise the transmission of the 4 seasons. The act of “Abmullen”, a more or less firm slap on the shoulders, is seen as an honour and recognition, as well as being a fertility ritual.

However, other wild figures such as the buck, witch and bear groups, or the Fasser-Roessl, are important parts of the Rum carnival tradition.

During the Muller procession, the village humour also gets its fair share of the deal, and community life in the village as well as prominent current events are targeted on numerous procession floats. The “Altweibermuehle (Oldwives mill)” creates eternal youth, Schuhplattler groups attune to the coming spring.